The Victorious Secret is a small, but very active group of people. Our aim is not to get lots of players. We want to create a place, where you can share your thoughts, feel comfortable, learn new techniques, win CWs and much more 

In our squad we have many excellent atWar Professionals, who are willed to provide their knowlegde. Remember we know all secrets of atWar .

atWar Page

  • Founder: Safari
  • Founded: 22.10.2012

How to join usEdit

In order to be an honorable coalition we choose our members very wise. More infos about joining us at our recruitment page.

If you think you are sexy but not fit the Victorious Secret requirement check our training coalition Victorious Scholars.


  • Safari (Leader)
  • Chess (Officer)
  • AirForCe (Officer)
  • ezzatam
  • UnFriendly
  • Meester
  • Mea Culpa
  • xn0ize
  • Curtis LeMay
  • Mbuto
  • brianwl
  • Pur3domin8
  • King of Dots
  • yehuda1