North Korea is a nation in East Asia. Its direct neighbours are Russia Far East, Chinese Manchuria and South Korea, while Japan looms near the east by sea and other chinese areas to the west by sea. North Korea has 8 units and has one city, its capital Pyongyang

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Economy and PopulationEdit


Income and CostsEdit

North Korea costs 1080 to purchase and has an income of 34. This makes North Korea one of the poorest nations in the world as well as the poorest in East Asia.

Military and tacticsEdit

Military GarrisonEdit

Pyongyang: 8


Unless your playing a 3k game, North Korea is the worst starting nation of atwar in the Far East. Its horrible income is matched only by a few nations, most in Africa. North Korea is surrounded by rich nations like the Chinese regions or South Korea. North Korea can take both areas in one turn if its forces are divded up correctly but the result will most likely leave Pyongyang defenseless. North Korea is also near the moderate income nation of Russia Far East, which has vast amounts of land. North Korea shines in 3k World Wide Map or Asia as it is the most militarized of the poor nations in Far East Asia.