The General is a unit that all premuim users have, which starts out as an useless unit until upgrades are added. The General can make troop morale increase alongside their effectiveness. Generals alone however can be easily killed so they must be well protected. Generals also appear either by having enough SP to get them or by playing.scenarios .  


default general picture

Upgrades for Generals Edit

Upgrade Effects SP Cost
Defence +1 defence for all units in stack 45 sp
Faster General +1 movement range for General 2700 sp
Ground Secondary Defence +1 HP to all secondary units in stack 4500 sp
Ground Main Defence +1 attack for all main defense units in stack 5850 sp
View Range +2 view range for all units in stack 7200 sp
Cost Reduces weekly maintenances for all units in stack by 4 9900 sp
Ground Main Attack +1 attack to all main attack in stack 12600 sp
Lucky General +2 critical chance to all units in stack 17100 sp
Air Main Attack +1 attack for all main attack air units in stack 19800 sp
Faster General II +1 movement range for general 23400 sp
Movement Range +1 movement range for all units in stack 26100 sp